How to fix Malwarebytes Stuck on Checking for Updates Error

How to fix Malwarebytes Stuck on Checking for Updates Error

Malwarebytes is a top security program and has various advanced tools for security. Malwarebytes has a free plan to scan PCs for malware. If you require good tools for internet security then you can get the premium plan of Malwarebytes. These setups are robust but still many people get the Malwarebytes Updates Error. 

Reasons Behind Malwarebytes Stuck on Checking for Updates Error

  1. Your Malwarebytes gets into a runtime error
  2. Junk files are interrupting Malwarebytes update
  3. Operating System is outdated
  4. Some Malwarebytes registry files are corrupted 
  5. System files are not working
  6. You have to make invalid changes

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes Stuck on Checking for Updates Error

Restart the Computer

While checking for updates, if your Malwarebytes gets stuck then you should try restarting the device. You may get the errors with Malwarebytes due to any runtime error. The device gets a run error and then programs stop working.

Close the Malwarebytes dashboard and all other programs. From the power menu, choose the restart button. After restarting, reopen your Malwarebytes setup and again check for the update.

Update your Operating System 

Users sometimes face issues while the Operating System is not updated. When your Malwarebytes shows errors, the user should check for the updates of the OS. If the operating system is outdated, you should run its update immediately. Now restart the computer to apply the OS update. Now reopen the Malwarebytes and try to update the setup.

Undo the Changes on PC

When your Malwarebytes is showing errors after any changes on PC then undo them. Some users reported that the Malwarebytes popup won’t go away after making changes on the PC. The user has made some invalid changes that have restricted the Malwarebytes update. To fix this, the user has to undo those invalid changes on the device.

Go to the computer and then undo all recent changes. When you have a restoring point, use it for reverting the changes. Don’t run the restoring tool when the point is not correct. After reverting changes, restart the PC. Now open the Malwarebytes and run its latest update.

Repair the Registry Files

Malwarebytes functions stop working when the registry files are corrupted. But repairing the Malwarebytes registry files is not simple. You can’t repair these files without technical knowledge. For editing the files then get their backup key. Use Regedit and open the registry editor of Windows.

Now search for the Malwarebytes registry files. Check for corrupted files and create their backup key. Now export the files and repair them. After repairing the Malwarebytes registry files, restart your PC and then check your setup. If the program is still not updating then ask for help.

Remove Junk Files from the Computer

The Malwarebytes antivirus also starts showing the error if the junk files are interrupting it. Many times, when the device accumulates lots of junk files, it starts interrupting with the other programs. To fix this, the user has to remove the junk files from his PC. But finding all the junk from the computer manually is difficult.

You can remove all files from the temp folder but on other drives, you have to check the folders one by one. Use the cleanmgr tool to find the junk. Your Windows offers a cleanmgr which can easily inspect all the junk from your computer. Go to the device and then run the tool. Now wait and you will get the list; choose items to delete and remove them. After removing all junk, check for Malwarebytes updates. 

Repair the System Files

These files are necessary for various processes. The user has to repair those Application on the computer. But don’t edit any file if you don’t know the correct steps. For repairing these files, the user can also try running the file checker utility tool. The tool inspects all system files and finds the corrupted ones. It will repair your file and then you can easily install the latest update of Malwarebytes on the device. 


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