Mini Tool Movie Maker Review: Easy-To-Use Video Editing Software for Beginners

Mini Tool Movie Maker Review: Easy-To-Use Video Editing Software for Beginners

One of the essential parts of a marketing strategy is video. It is common to create and share videos on social media networks. And videos can enhance any material, including speeches, blog posts, presentations, product promotions, and so on. Are you a beginner and you want to learn how to make videos. You might be wondering which video editing software is ideal for beginners. This is a list by book advertising of the best video editors for beginners.

Best Video Editing Software on the Desktop

MiniTool MovieMaker (Windows)

The best video editing program for novices is MiniTool MovieMaker. It is free, clean, without a bundle, and without a watermark. It is simple to upload media files. And access the editing tool thanks to a straightforward interface. It supports the most common video, audio. Image formats, so you can import your assets and drag them to the timeline to create a video.

You can rotate, flip, divide, cut, chop, and reverse videos with MiniTool MovieMaker. Video can be enhanced with audio and text, and the movie can be slowed down or sped up. Also, change the video’s contrast, brightness, and saturation. You may also add text to the video using this simple video editor. Also included are many text templates for customizing your credits and titles. Also included are captions and color, font, size, and alignment options for the text.

Furthermore, it provides a variety of video transitions and effects to improve your video. It can also integrate various clips into a video, change the audio in the video. And make a photo slideshow, among other things. It also functions as a GIF editor program. Also, MP4, GIF, AVI, MOV, WebM, MKV, MP3, and other formats are supported as output formats.

Movie Maker 10 (Window)

Movie Maker 10 is one of the finest video editing software for YouTube novices as it allows you to make movies out of photos, video clips, and music. It supports the most common media formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, MPG, PNG, and GIF. It also has many basic functionalities and offers HD video quality.

Movie Maker 10 allows you to rotate, trim, and connect video clips and add background music to them. It has an in-built music track collection and will enable you to import music from your computer. It can also add emoji and text to video footage in over 30 different typefaces. It also includes 30+ transitions for photographs and movies, as well as several picture filters.

This video editor allows you to adjust the music in the video by trimming audio clips. Applying fade-in and fade-out effects, changing the audio loudness, and so on.

VideoProc (Mac, Windows)

VideoPad is another excellent video editing software for YouTube newcomers. It is compatible with any video taken by a GoPro, iPhone, Android, camcorder, or other 4K camera. It includes all editing features, including the ability to trim, trim. Combine, rotate, and add subtitles to videos, as well as apply video effects.

You can use its advanced abilities to stabilize shaky video footage, end background noise. Change fisheye lens distortion from action cam video. Create watermarks with text, logo, picture, and timecode, synchronize audio and video. Convert a video to GIF, extract JPG/PNG from a video, and so on.

Furthermore, it includes a built-in media downloader engine that allows you to download. Like videos, music, and playlists from over 100 different websites. It also allows you to record with your camera, your screen, or your voice.

Best Online Video Editing Software

You can make a video without installing any software at times. At this moment, you should consider using an online movie producer and editor. What is the most effective online video editing program for beginners? Here are three of the best online video editors for beginners.


The first online video editing software is Clipchamp. Clipchamp is recognized as one of the best video editing tools. Like for YouTube beginners to create online videos. Such as YouTube videos, Facebook video advertisements, Instagram video advertising. Slideshow videos, video memes, and Facebook cover videos. It also functions as a webcam recorder and a screen recorder.

Clipchamp provides a selection of video templates to help you create a video. It also allows you to trim, divide, merge, flip, rotate. And crop films and add backdrops, music, titles, filters, and transitions. It also functions as a video compressor, resizer, green screen video editor, video meme maker, picture-in-picture video editor, AV voiceover generator, and audio visualizer online.


Lumen5 is also regarded as the most acceptable video editor for beginners. When creating videos for internet platforms such as YouTube, Facebook. Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. It is also known as a photo video creator, slideshow maker, video ad maker, animation video maker, etc.

You can search millions of films, photos, GIFs, and music tracks in its database. And this online video editor allows you to upload your media assets. It lets you edit a video, remove background music. Adjust the duration of a video, add text, layouts, and watermark a video, among other things.


WeVideo is another excellent online video editor for novices. WeVideo has an easy-to-use interface and allows you to locate any tool. You may also import files from your PC, Instagram. Google Drive, Facebook, Flickr, OneDrive, and other services.

WeVideo provides some themes, backgrounds, voiceovers, audio tracks, video filters. And transitions to enable you to make an awesome video. It also lets you add text to video, split, edit, and rearrange video clips, manage video speed. Make motion titles, and change the video background with the chroma key tool, among other things. Besides, WeVideo is available on Android, iOS, and Chromebooks.

Best Video Editing Software on the mobile

What are the best video editor for beginners for Android and iOS users? The following section will cover two basic video editors for beginners.

Movie Maker for Instagram & YouTube

Suppose you are a newbie looking for the finest video editing software for YouTube beginners. In that case, Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram is an excellent choice. As one of the most preferred short video creators, this video editor can also record videos. You may add stickers, filters, music, and text to your movies to make them more appealing. And you may trim films to remove undesirable areas, among other things.


LumaFusion is also regarded as one of the best video editing programs for novices. It includes a powerful set of functions and a friendly user interface. It allows you to make videos with different aspect ratios. Edit iPhone and iPad screen recordings and manage projects with notes and color-tag.

Photos,, WD Wireless, and GNARBOX files can all be imported into LumaFusion. It also provides a plethora of royalty-free music tracks, loops, sound effects, backgrounds, and transitions. It has six tracks for images, videos, audio, titles, graphics. And six channels for music, narration, and sound effects. It’s also simple to cut, split, copy, and paste clips. It has many layer effects, such as chroma key, blurs, distorts, and so on, as well as a full color correcting tool.

It can also generate slow- and fast-motion films. Reverse video, add text to video with customizable. Like text type, color, border, and shadow, and apply audio effects, among other things.


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