Silversea Alaska Cruises And Its Reviews

Silversea Alaska Cruises And Its Reviews

Silversea Alaska Cruises has established itself to be among the best in luxury cruising since its beginning in the 1990s. The Silversea prides itself on great service, overall high-quality products, and a diverse choice of destinations.

Silversea Cruises has a reputation for exclusivity and excellent service, thanks to features like spacious accommodations, a variety of onboard activities, and gourmet meals. Cruises’ fleet of eight ships visits more than 800 sites on all seven continents than any other cruise service. The passenger capacity of these eight ships ranges from 100 to 608 people.

These ultra-luxury yachts are small and maneuverable, allowing them to transit tiny canals into city centers or dock directly at piers while others must anchor off the coast. And that’s a lot of fun. There is roughly one crew member for every passenger on this cruise line. Silversea Cruises will begin offering five to 34-day itineraries in 2020, with destinations including Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and more.

Silversea cruises provide you with the opportunity to explore new frontiers. They offer it everything, whether you wish to go off the beaten path on an exploration cruise or follow in the footsteps of explorers on a traditional itinerary. There is never a shortage of choice or luxury.

Alaska All-Inclusive Package

When it comes to luxury cruises, there’s a reason Alaska is everyone’s first port of call. The frozen terrain will astound and amaze you, the raw beauty will humble you, and the endemic animals and evergreen woods will take you on a voyage of amazing natural encounters. The outer beauty, however, is only the beginning.

If you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find that Alaska is much more than gold rushes and glaciers.

Destinations On Silversea Cruises

Consider cruising up into the heart of St. Petersburg, around Cape Town’s tip, through the oil-rich sheikdoms of the Middle East, across bustling Sydney Harbour, or through the breathtaking Chilean fjords.

Silversea Cruises Has A Strong Ranking

Silversea Cruises received a rating based on a professional assessment of the line’s level of luxury, as well as customer feedback and health ratings.

  • At No. 8 in the list of the best cruise lines for couples
  • At No. 10 in Best Caribbean Cruise Lines
  • At No. 7 in Best Luxury Cruise Lines
  • At No. 13 in Best Mediterranean Cruise Lines

Silversea Cruises’ Advantages

1. Smaller Ships Visit Places That Aren’t Often Visited

The Silversea Cruises fleet consists of eight small ships. You can carry the entire cosmos in your pocket with small ships. It facilitates travel to less-traveled areas.

2. Every Passenger Has A View Of The Ocean

All-Suite Accommodations are gratefully acknowledged. Silversea Cruises’ small ships allow every passenger to enjoy a glimpse of the ocean. These intimate excursions bring you closer to the action and offer stunning views of the coast from panoramic lounges and comfortable bedrooms with windows that allow you to see the horizon from everywhere on board.

3.There Are No Assigned Seats In The Main Restaurant- Open Restaurants

There are no assigned seats or meal periods in Silversea Cruises’ main restaurants, which means there are no assigned seats or meal periods.

Silversea Cruises Have A Few Flaws

1No Activities For Children Or Teenagers Are Available

There are no activities for children or teenagers on Silversea Cruises. That is why it is disliked by families with children.

2. Cruise Rates Do Not Cover All Onboard Dining Options

All onboard restaurants are not included in Silversea Cruises’ cruise prices.

3.Cruise Prices Are Pricey Throughout The Year

Silversea cruise tickets are pricey all year, even in the off-season. The high cost of admission turns people off.

Silversea Alaska Cruises Reviews- Mixed Opinion

The Silversea senior cruise reviews are divided on the review website ‘cruise critic’. On the website, people had expressed their heartfelt responses. The following are three Silversea Alaska cruise reviews from ‘cruise critic’:

Silversea Alaska Cruises Review 1- Perfect Christmas Cruise

“This is the first time we have taken a cruise for the sake of taking a cruise, that being spending Christmas and New Year on the ship and not because we wanted to see specific destinations. Everything about the cruise was perfect, it greatly exceeded our expectations. There was a fantastic mix of passengers, surprisingly several European families were traveling together, it seemed a wonderful way to relax over Christmas……We enjoyed the cruise so much we have booked a Christmas cruise for 2020.”

Silversea Alaska Cruises Review 2- Horrible Overall Experience Despite A Few Good Points

“We booked this cruise through travel consultant in Sydney office as we are based in Thailand and it has been one of the worse traveling experiences we ever had and the friend who has joined us on that cruise has blamed me nonstop for being on an “elderly floating home”. This is just so wrong especially after spending so much money………… Though a few staff had some attitude. But we can’t wait to be back home and away from this environment which was not at all what we were expecting and what we paid for.”

Silversea Alaska Cruises Review 3- Excellent Alaskan Cruise Overall – Some Things Could Be Improve

“I traveled with family and they recommended this cruise line having sailed with them before. The ship is smaller than what I have previously cruised on so I was concerned about motion – turned out to be a non-issue (not sure if it was just the ship or the calmer waters we sailed mostly in Alaska). We were traveling with my senior citizen mother so the smaller ship was a great size for her to easily navigate. Although the ship was at capacity we never felt crowded, never waited in any line, and service was impeccable…….. I reserve the right to reconsider my comment though if I cruise again and see significant advantages to Silver Sea.”

Bottom Line

For adventurous tourists, Silversea’s fleet of small ships offers exceptional comfort. There is nothing more satisfying than a cruise to Alaska with Silversea, with one of the highest crew to guest ratios in the business, several dining options, professional guides, and assured authentic experiences.


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