The benefits of using Linux web hosting

The benefits of using Linux web hosting

Benefits of Linux hosting – Two operating systems have established themselves on the market when it comes to web hosting. The providers of web hosting services use, open-source system Linux or Windows Server operating system. 

So, the first thing customers have to decide is whether to choose cheap Linux web hosting or window web hosting. The advantages of Linux hosting makes it a popular one.  

Linux Vs Windows operating system

Linux, which is an open-source system, is available in several distributions such as Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu. Microsoft operating system, on the other hand, is linked to a license. A2hosting is an example of Linux web hosting. 

The main differences between Linux and windows are:

  • Linux is an open-source operating sys and windows is a commercial operating system.
  • Linux is more secure as it can easily detect a bug and fix it. In windows, there is a huge user base that is why it becomes a target of hackers. 
  • Windows operating systems are slower as compared to Linux.
  • In Linux, hard drives, CD-ROMs, printers are considered as files whereas in Windows these are considered as devices.
  • Files are ordered in a tree structure whereas in Windows files are stored in folders in different drives like C: D: E:
  • In Linux two files can be stored with the same name while in Windows two files cannot be stored with the same name. 
  • In Linux system files and program files are found in different directories whereas in Windows system files and program files are usually saved in C: drive.

Benefits of hosting on a Linux 


Just because someone wants the best web hosting services available doesn’t mean that they are not on a tight budget. Considering this, cheap Linux hosting solves the problem for such customers. It cuts out all the extra software needed by a Windows server. 

An open-source operating system means that all the software is accessible to create a desirable operating system. 

An open-source network 

Benefits of Linux hosting – One of the most important features of Linux is its open-source software. It is the only server out there that offers an open-source solution to its customers. Linux doesn’t belong to any single person. It is a collaborating system and anyone can contribute to it. 

This feature of Linux is to encourage more innovation, which leads to continuous improvement.  


There is no operating system out there that can fully protect you against all the software attacks and bugs. Nevertheless, Linux has stayed mostly unharmed during many big cyber-attacks to date.  

Provides privacy

In current years, concern about privacy options has been emerging in windows. Nowadays, an operating system collects more information than ever from the profiles of its users. For some people, it means a lack of privacy that they don’t like. 

Linux gathers very little data from users. As the system is customizable, the customer deletes any software which they don’t trust. 

Easy to use

Linux is a fantastic and efficient platform for modern developers. It is designed to be experimented on as it’s not a rigid operating system. Developers can create their solutions from scratch as per their desire in this type of system. 


Linux can be useful for brand-new devices as well as older machines. 

Offers plenty of choices 

With a Linux system, you get a system with a more customizable nature. Which means that you have complete control over the system and change it according to your need.

A large number of free software are available and you can choose the applications that suit them. Window users are given a small range of options for adapting its interface, while Linux users can mix and match the operating system as they desire. 


The main problem people face with windows is that it slows down with time. Some of the contributing factors of this problem are spyware, adware, and many small problems running in the background. 

On the other hand, Linux has no registry, which means that it can never be slow as windows. 

Therefore, Cheap Linux web hosting is recommended if someone wants to create a website using classic open-source applications. The advantages of Linux hosting make it a perfect choice for its customers.

As it is fast, secure, offers many choices for customization of the system, and is cost-effective. The cheap Linux hosting provided by Navicosoft is known for its speed, reliability, security, and stability. It provides 24/7 customer support.


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