Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

Dogs are the most loyal, friendly and intelligent animals and can be easily adopted. Dogs also known as “human’s best friend” for a long time. Listed Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in India, which can be kept at home or other places as a pet or guard. More than 340 Dog breeds exist in the world and most of the people preferred pets dogs are of foreign breed.

The most popular Foreign dog breed in India are Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog, Great Dane, Pug, Boxer, Dachshund, Mastiff, Indian Spitz and Beagle. Dogs take care of your family members and house. These breeds of dogs are more popular in India in the current times. So now, you can enjoy with your family trips by keeping these dogs as guards in your homes. Also Check: Best Red Wine Brands In India

Types of Dogs in India

There are 7 Types of Dogs in India that is Herding, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Working, Hounds, Terriers and Toy breeds. These different dogs groups help to identify the dogs.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

Labrador Retriever Dog

Labrador Retriever is one of the most preferred dogs for Indians. They come in various color like yellow, black, and a luscious chocolate color. The Life Expectancy of Labrador Retriever Dog is 10-14 years.

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweilers come in colors like Black and Tan or Black and Mahagony. It will be a good guard dogs for you. Rottweiler Dog is mostly used in defense like police and military work. The Life Expectancy of Rottweiler is 8 – 10 years.

German Shepherd Dog

This is considered one of the intelligent and most popular dog breeds in India. They are also used as for police and military work and for your home as well. The Life Expectancy of German Shepherd is 9 – 13 years.

Great Dane Dog

Great Dane dog breeds are one of the tallest dogs in the world available in black, blue, fawn, mantle, harlequin and brindle colors. This is also called as the ‘Apollo of Dogs’ can be trained easily because of its intelligence. The Life Expectancy of Great Dane Dog is 8 – 10 years.

Dachshund Dog

Dachshund Dog breeds have a small digestive tract, yet their energy requirements are high. They are among the most preferred dogs in the Indian because of their unique look can be found in various sizes and colours. The Life Expectancy of Dachshund Dog is 12 – 16 years.

Beagle Dog

Beagles are friendly, fun-loving, energetic and intelligent dogs. The Life Expectancy of Beagle Dog is 12 – 15 years. We have listed Beagle in our best Top 10 Dog Breeds in India.

Boxer Dog

Boxer is known as a high energy dog and can be trained easy. They can be found in brindle, fawn and white color. The Life Expectancy of Boxer Dog breeds is 10 – 12 years.

Pug Dog

Pug Dog is one of the most likable dogs in India, come in various colors like Black, Fawn, Apricot and Silver Fawn. This breeds of dogs is best family dogs and popular for its peculiar physical features. The Life Expectancy of Pug Dog is 12 – 15 years.

Mastiff Dog

Mastiff Dog is a dignified yet good natured animal. He is loving and friendly toward his family. The Mastiff breed is not recommended for child ( toddlers ) because of its great size.

Indian Spitz

Indian Spitzs are usually confused with Pomeranians, but both are the different breeds. You can find Indian Spitz in less budget, suitable for Indian weather and need less grooming.


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