Types of Industrial Heaters, Their Mechanism and Applications

Types of Industrial Heaters, Their Mechanism and Applications

The industrial heaters as the name suggests are the heating devices that are used across the industry verticals to meet their heating requirements. The need for installing industrial heaters changes according to the requirements of specific units. The requirements of a small-sized industrial unit would be quite different from that of a large-sized one. The need also changes as per what types of products a particular industrial unit is manufacturing and the level of heat it requires.

For instance, some units require a particular area to be heated up while others need the entire working zone to be properly heated up. Nevertheless, one thing is sure – be it small-sized units or a large-sized one. Industrial heaters manufacturers in India are producing heaters of all sizes, capacities, varieties, and utilities. These heaters are often installed permanently in an industrial unit with no need for frequent movements.

Industrial heaters that most Indian manufacturers produce for offering desired temperatures in an industrial unit or even a manufacturing unit come in a large variety of materials and configurations. The primary purpose of all heating devices including air heating elements is to provide enough heat to the working environment while ensuring that the people operating around are safe and sound.

Some major types of Industrial heaters 

The market is full of a large variety of industrial heaters these days. With each passing day, different models are being introduced by the reputed heater manufacturers in diverse configurations, sizes, and capacities. However, some of the major varieties are discussed below-

Corrugation Heaters

These types of heaters are manufactured for corrugation machines to serve the purpose of warming the paper rolls so that a flute can be designed and developed on the papers. The primary function of the heaters of this category is to create the flute. You can select from a large number of models exactly as per your specific needs. Also according to the corrugation machine that you have installed in your unit.

What’s unique about these industrial heaters is that the heating material that they contain can be changed as and when you want concerning the nature of the requirement. Corrugation heaters are very cost-effective and also don’t eat up enough power while in use.

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are the most popular industrial heaters that find applications majorly in the industries such as Air Conditioning, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals. The primary function of these heaters is to give the required heat to the corrosive or non-corrosive liquids. They are available in a large number of varieties ranging from 1KW to 4.5 KW.

Immersion heaters are installed into the tanks that might have liquids such as oils and other viscous fluids. Since these heating devices operate by coming in direct contact with the liquids. They are considered to be one of the best methods of heating liquids quickly and efficiently. They can be chosen as per the liquid holding capacity of the tank.

Key Benefits of Industrial Immersion Heaters

Listed below are some prominent reasons why immersions heaters score heavily over all others-


In case you are in search of the best heating solutions to heat a huge quantity of material at your industrial unit, then nothing is better than immersion heaters in that regard. These heaters offer effective and efficient performance when it comes to heat transfer.

Low Maintenance

Industrial immersion heaters are unmatched in terms of cost-effectiveness as they require the least possible maintenance. They offer 99.99% uptime, and it simply means that your facility will always keep running without staying down for frequent repairs and maintenance related issues.


Immersion heaters offer power-packed performance while heating a comprehensive range of materials. Regardless of whatever industry you are operating in, immersion industrial heaters are of immense significance for your facility. As there will be no need of making new investments each time a new material comes to your facility to be heated up.

Space Heaters

In any industrial unit, when there is a need to warm up any particular area, space heaters come into play. These heaters make use of a bunch of heating materials that are clubbed together. The heat generated by them can be distributed and transferred in a lot of ways including convention, radiation. Conduction based on the methodology used as well as operating temperature. These heaters can also be used in hot air batteries and ducting.

As they are available in a large variety of configurations and capacities, you can install them as per your requirements ranging from 3 KW to 450 KW. These industrial heaters find applications in the industry verticals that include Hot water generators, Broilers, Chemicals, Fertilizers, and many more.

Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters that make use of air heating elements as heating material are heavily used across the industries to heat the air, gases. Liquids via radiant conduction and convection heating process. One of the most remarkable aspects associated with tubular heaters is that they can be made with a large range of cross-sections as well as path anatomies for better optimization of heating for a particular application.

Flexible Heaters

Flexible heaters are the industrial heaters that are designed and developed to conform to the surfaces needing heat. Thus, this type of mechanism not only allows for maximum heat transfer but also optimum contact. Flexible heaters find their best applications in irregular shapes, wrap around pipes, drums, and tanks.

The Bottom Line

Industrial heaters are part and parcel of a large number of industries these days. In the past 15 years, Indian heater and air heating elements manufacturers have got the unmatched capability of producing and supplying world-class heating solutions not only to domestic industries but also to global industry leaders.


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