What is STAAD Pro Software used for: Features, Advantages

What is STAAD Pro Software used for: Features, Advantages

What is STAAD Pro Software – STAAD Pro is a tool for Civil Engineering Students which is in demand now days. It is extremely scalable and easy to learn. It covers every aspect of structural engineering that proves beneficial for civil or structural engineers. Structural engineering consultant, departments in construction companies and government agencies use this software extensively.

What is STAAD Pro Software used for: Features, Advantages

STAAD Pro stands for Structural Analysis and Designing Program. This Software is use for civil Engineering designing. STAAD is crucial tool in modern day to research the design before construction. This currently developed by Bentley Systems Inc.

It was one of the earliest structural analysis and design software with a user friendly GUI and support for building codes.  STAAD is 3d based designing software. It can make use of various forms of analysis from the traditional static analysis to more recent analysis methods and 1st order static analysis, 2nd order p-delta analysis, geometric non-linear analysis or a buckling analysis.

STAAD Pro Software has added direct links to applications such as RAM Connection and STAAD Foundation.  This software is widely used in analyzing and designing structures:  buildings, bridges, towers, and transportation, industrial and utility structures. It allows structural engineers to analyse and design virtually

Features of STAAD Pro

  • Design of steel and reinforced concrete buildings as per the codes of selected countries
  • It is capable of analysing and designing civil engineering structures such as buildings, bridges, and plane
  • Improve multi-discipline team collaboration through desktop and cloud and mobile applications
  • This software can generate loads (wind and earthquake) as per building codes of selected countries
  • It has an open architecture
  • It has user-friendly package and graphical user interface.

Advantages of STAAD Pro Software

  1. This helps the engineers in improving the structure, section, and dimensions.
  2. It does not involve any manual calculations
  3. Faster method of designing a structure
  4. It is suitable for almost all types materials including steel, concrete and aluminium
  5. This software contains all necessary tools require to design a structure.
  6. It is suitable for importing designs from AutoCAD
  7. It shows the number of reinforcement used in longitudinally and Shear reinforcement

Why STAAD Pro is Important for Civil Engineering Students

STAAD Pro is handy software for structural engineers to make accurate structural analysis and design. This program supports the analysis of different types of structural elements like bridges, flood gates and structural beams. Civil engineers with a structural background are suggested to learn supporting programs like STAAD Pro software



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