Looking for a Job in the Pandemic? 7 Steps to Positivity

Looking for a Job in the Pandemic? 7 Steps to Positivity

A year back, what had looked like a passing dystopian phase has become a constant companion in our everyday lives. As we try to normalize masks and sanitizer sprays, what still ruffle our feathers are the mass layoffs, rising unemployment figures, and the sinking economy or mass layoffs.

Amid all the ruckus, searching for a job can be an added pressure. Even when the job market is hot and teeming with opportunities, finding a job can be difficult. Put in a health crisis and the gaping uncertainty into the mix, and the challenge becomes an impossible one.

Yes, it is natural to become self-critical and underconfident in such a situation, but you mustn’t be too hard on yourself. Even as you send out multiple resumes and check for responses in email, there are ways to stay upbeat. So, how do you stay positive during your job search while disconnecting from society?

Here are seven brilliant things to remind yourself of when you need a boost of positivity!

The situation is out of control, but you still are at the steering wheel

Whether you have decided to switch your job during the pandemic or had it the hard way by being laid off, the current unemployment situation might seem out of control. However, what you have to remind yourself is that not all battles are lost here. You still can control how people react to you.

So, pick yourself up after allowing yourself a break from the harrowing saga and then get onto the field once again. Update your CV, and adding an empathetic touch to your personal statement help you bring out the human factor everyone is craving at this moment. Be happy that you are done with the first step, and use the glimmer of hope to stay positive. On that note, here are some CV tips you can try out.

Remember that organisations are still hiring worthy candidates

Yes, things are slow at the moment but certainly not stagnant. Even if at a tortoise’s pace, organizations are finally recovering from the economic drought and vetting out people. Instead of seeing the glass half-empty, notice the positive things.

Although the current unemployment rate is 18%, that also infers that 82% of the workforce is still employed. Understand one thing – however, bleak things may look economically right now, organizations will still need quality candidates to fill in designations left vacant by others. So, use these opportunities to land yourself a great job. Also, look out for jobs in areas that have created new openings, like delivery, customer service, healthcare, and software development.

Consider freelancing or a temporary industry change

The right jobs do not always have to be the 9to5 ones behind a desk. Since the pandemic has confined us into our homes, you can use this opportunity to freelance on independent projects. This will give you the flexibility to work hours you are most productive in, while you also get enough time to watch your favorite series on Netflix, read a book or take a nap.

You can also consider working on contract projects to remain in the workforce while achieving work-social life harmony. Another, great option to try out is a temporary change in your industry or field of work. That way, you do not have to stay unemployed (which can be so exasperating), plus you learn new skills. Here are a few tips on changing industries and switching careers during such trying times.

Celebrate your wins, big and small

One of the most important steps of job hunting is setting goals for yourself. So, create a plan beforehand. For example, determine how many hours you will take to research for fitting opportunities, the number of resumes you send out, and the number of networking calls you will make.

As you finish a goal every day, revel in your achievement and celebrate them, however trivial they may seem. Treat yourself to a slice of sinful chocolate cake after you have sent out the resumes, or make yourself a drink after you are done with the networking calls. When you congratulate yourself after meeting every goal, you are bound to find more vigor in the entire process!

Prioritise your safety and your mental health

Pandemics = panic attacks, especially for unemployed people who are feeling a little lost right now! The COVID-19 crisis has taught us one thing, and that is – Health (both corporal and mental) is our Wealth. So, put your and your family’s safety before everything else. Even when you hunt for jobs, remember that your mental health and physical wellbeing should not be compromised at any cost.

Moreover, employers can read the stress on your face, your sweaty temple, and your body language. Now, you certainly do not want prospective employers to consider you as someone who would crack under pressure. So, find out what works for you and do that to achieve your zen to stay positive. Here are a few stress-management tips you can use.

Don’t check your messages compulsively

We all are guilty about this one! And it isn’t just about employers’ responses. We have this compulsive habit of checking our phones every two seconds to check if someone has replied to our texts or not. When you compulsively check your inbox over and over, it demotivates you every time you see there are no responses yet.

Even though technology helps us stay ultra-connected, do not be a nag and follow back on employers and recruiters all the time. Instead of continually checking for mails, set a time when you can do it. You can also activate the push notification and then let it go.

Take a break and do things you like

Even as you struggle to find a job amid the pandemic, you need to understand that taking a break is normal. So, do not let your life revolve around job hunting. Instead, take a break to do things you like, something that you had missed doing when you had a job.

Connect with your family and friends, even if virtually. Talk your heart out to people you trust instead of bottling up your feelings of self-crisis. During hard times, it is people who care about you who will tell you that they love you despite you having a job or not. Such words of reassurance will build your confidence and keep you positive.

Parting words

Remember that this isn’t a battle that you are fighting alone. While not being alone would mean more competition, but it also means you have others like you in the same pit. Let that alone bring you some comfort.

Use the time to build your online network, join online forums for tips and leads. But, more importantly, reach out to people to bear your heart out and lend an empathetic ear to others, too. The more you connect with people, the more vistas will open up for you.

So, chin up, so your crown never slips. Stay positive, and you will get positive results, too. All the best! 


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