What are the types of maps? How to study them with ease?

What are the types of maps? How to study them with ease?

The new world has shifted its focus to a Global positioning system and Google Maps from finding the routes via the constellations and magnets. Now with so many facilities still we use maps. 

Maybe they have gone digital but nobody can deny the fact that they are highly important for the navigators and now for the common people also. Today we do not need anyone to show us direction until we have the direction-giving apps installed in our devices. 

It’s time that we will get back to the school things, to find out how many types of maps are there. Also, our focus will be on how to study them with ease. 

The voice systems of our devices make our journey manageable but in the previous time we searched our direction with the help of people and other sources so let’s start without any delay. 

Types of maps 

● Topographic Maps 

The topographic map shows the different physical features of a landscape. It represents the shape and characters of the earth’s surface. They represent plains, valleys, and mountains by contour lines. 

● Climate Maps 

A climate map represents the type of climate of an area. The rainy factors and cloud condition shows what type of climate a particular place possesses. 

● Political Maps 

Political Maps, as you can recognize from the term, demonstrates the political boundaries between countries and states. Human-created boundaries are the main factor of these types of maps. 

● Physical Maps 

A physical map shows the natural landscape of the earth or a country. It also exhibits the state of country boundaries and also their topography. 

● Thematic Maps 

This type of map can represent any subject matter on the map. It can be population, language, or temperature. How these factors are distributed over a country or any area can be explained through the thematic maps

Ways of studying the maps easily? 

● Make easy codes 

The primary way to learn maps is by making some codes. For example, if a map of a country is given and you are asked to mention the states through which Tropic of Cancer passes. Then you can make a small sentence whose first letter will represent the state through which the Tropic passes. 

Similarly, you can find many codes that can help you to learn the places which can arrive in the questionnaire. A student can grab help with homework to know how these codes are formed. 

● Learn the directions 

It becomes difficult for small kids to teach maths. However, half of the work will be finished when a teacher succeeds in making the children learn the different directions. A child must know if a map has been given to him then which will be the north, south, east and west directions. Without direction, maps do not have any meaning. That is why teaching directions and assignment help becomes mandatory because after then only a student will learn which place is located where. 

● Memorize the continents first 

There are a total of seven continents on this earth. No matter what type of map you are studying for now you must remember the different continents on this earth. South America, North America, Asia, or Europe, 

where are the seven continents, and in which hemisphere they lie, must be remembered by the students. A globe is the basis of all maps and we can locate any place when we know the positions of the different continents. 

● Learn to draw by hand 

We are not talking about the world map but whichever country you are living in, be it India or be it China, you must know how to outline the map of your country. Also do try to memorize the neighboring countries because they form the basics for a cartographer. 

You can grab some help with homework if your teacher has asked you to ask her for assignment help. Nothing is a better opportunity than this to learn substantially. 

These were the basics of your map drawing. The question is not whether you want to become a cartographer or not in the future, but the question is how much you want to earn geographical knowledge. Map drawing will benefit the students up to the 10th standard and in your higher


if you are looking forward to taking Humanities as a subject then maps are not leaving you until you are completed with your school life. 

All the best and be the best.


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