Career Options after Study MBBS From Russia

Career Options after Study MBBS From Russia

MBBS From Russia, the short form of Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery is an international undergraduate degree which offered by medical colleges to students who wishing to pursue medicine as their career or want to become a doctor. It is usually a 5 to 6 years course. During MBBS students have to undertake various subjects. Since, MBBS is an international course, and also offered by many foreign universities. 

Many students wish to study abroad as it offers world exposure and also a chance to travel to different countries. For students wishing to study abroad, they can pursue MBBS from Russia. Russia is a preferred choice because of many of the factors. It is a highly recommended country that enables students to get a top-quality education, and it’s a perfect destination to land for studying MBBS. 

It is said according to WHO’s (World Health Organization) “Directory of World Medical Schools ” Russia acquires 30 positions in the ranking amongst the 100 medical universities. There are many reasons why studying MBBS in Russia is considered one of the best choices. Not only MBBS in Russia is affordable but also it is very qualitative. In a brief, we will be telling you why to choose Russia for MBBS

Why Russia for MBBS 

There are many reasons one can come up with when talking about studying MBBS in Russia. However, MBBS admission in Russia is quite easy. There are still other reasons to look upon when we talk of studying in Russia. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

  • Affordable – MBBS in Russia is preferred mainly because of the subsidized fee by the Russian Ministry of Health and Education. The education is affordable as many of the universities are aided by the government of Russia.
  • Quality education– Combined with a quality education which makes Russia choose one. The universities are recognized globally by WHO’s (World Health Organization) “Directory of World Medical Schools ” which provide students world exposure. There is goal-oriented teaching and faculties are supportive. There is also technical equipped learning and advanced teaching methods are used. 
  • Numerous specialization courses – There is an ample number of courses provided by the Russian universities which allow students a wide range of choices and choose the course of their choice to specialize in. There are more than 100 fields from which the students are required to choose their interests. 

Apart from these, there are other various benefits given to students which make Russia an ideal choice.

Career options after studying MBBS in Russia

Russian universities offer many facilities to their students. There are many career options you can opt for after you have done MBBS from Russia. The variety of career opportunities students get after studying from Russia is what attracts a lot of students to Russia. Let’s have a look at the various career options students can choose after their MBBS.

  • Research works – Research is an option many candidates wish to opt for. Medical research work is something one can go for after completion of their MBBS. You can continue your research work in Russia itself. The Russian Universities offer their students higher studies in research. They can do medical research work and can even join international projects which will speed up your progress and development and can be a boon to your career.
  • Post Graduate in other countries – Many students wish to study further after completing their undergraduate. After completing MBBS the students are free to join any post-graduation course in other countries without any interruption. They can even continue to study in Russia. It is very easy to transfer after graduation for further studies. The Russian institutes have global recognition which can be very beneficial. The post-graduation course allows students to specialize in their area of interest. 
  • Working in hospitals – It is seen that after completion of MBBS many students wish to work as the period of MBBS in Russia is about 6 to 7 years which is a long duration. So, they can join hospitals directly and work there. Students are free to join Russian hospitals or move to other countries to work as a doctor in hospitals to open up their clinics. Both of the choices are highly accepted, and appreciated. Apart from this after completing MBBS from Russia, the students can join government hospitals to work there. There are no boundaries. They even go into nursing and other medicinal jobs. 
  • Hospital management – After completion of graduation, students can opt for post-graduation in hospital management. This course is provided regarding cost management in hospitals, billing and other things. This helps you to get jobs in many other sectors apart from just medicine. Other medical specializations come in a good salary package, you can go for that too. 
  • Joining defence services – You might be thinking about what a MBBS does in defence services. But defence services recruit MBBS graduates also in their units. Because They serve in infantry units, emergency services, army hospitals, etc. and they are trained in medical camps and offered permanent jobs. Here they learn to sync with armies and understand emergencies.
  • Biomedical engineering and sciences –  Many students have an interest in developing machines and technology for medicinal use. Hence, after completing MBBS many students opt for this field of study to develop instruments for medicinal services.
  • Self-employed: – After completion of the MBBS course by a student authorized to be called a doctor. They get the tag of being a doctor and the right to be self-employed. They Can open up their clinics and even work in private hospitals. It all depends upon the choice of the candidate. 

Hence, we see there are so many career options available for the candidates after completing MBBS from Russia.


MBBS is just the start of the process, there is a long way to go. After completion of MBBS, the candidates have multiple opportunities and options to choose from. It is not just that you have work in a hospital but you can open up your chamber, do research, pursue higher studies, work in defence, hospital management or develop machines.

There are a variety of job opportunities that can lead to your career growth. Studying from Russia is not only an ideal decision but it also opens up various doors which lead to success. It opens up to your world access. So, here we would end by giving a note that studying MBBS from Russia can be the best decision and also it gives a wide range of alternatives to grab for career-making.


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