Why Should You Get Upholstery Cleaning Done Regularly?

Why Should You Get Upholstery Cleaning Done Regularly?

If you love your upholstery, then there is no question why you should get it cleaned regularly. Yet if your upholstery gets dirty consistently due to the nature of your work or because you have furry pets in the house, then it can be difficult to make this happen. So when exactly should you get your upholstery professionally cleaned?

When Should You Get Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned?

While many people tend to clean their upholstered furniture on an occasional basis, others may need to do so more frequently. If this describes you, then here are some factors that may prompt you to take action:

* New Sofa Purchases

*Unsightly Stains

*Pet Messes

*Frequent Smoking

*Loss of Fabric Density

*You’ve Reached Your Cleaning Budget

New Sofa Purchases

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to get your upholstery professionally cleaned is when you purchase a new sofa. New sofas are typically covered with protective film which must be removed before the furniture is exposed to bare skin. As this protective film can trap soil and other debris, it may also accumulate detritus over time. Once this happens, you’ll want to have your furniture thoroughly steam-cleaned so that it looks its best when you take it out of storage or when you first bring it into your home.

Unsightly Stains

If you’ve found that your upholstery has developed an unsightly stain, then this can also serve as a good indicator that it’s time to call in the professionals. Depending on what kind of stain it is and how deeply-rooted it may be, some stains may be very difficult to remove even with at-home remedies. If you’re not sure how to get rid of stains like urine odors , food spills, wine rings , perspiration residue, rust spots, pet messes , bloodstains , mud stains, carpet stains , paint splatters, oil spills/stains , ink spots or any other kind of stains, then it’s best to call in a professional upholstery cleaning Adelaide company.

Unsightly Pet Messes

If you have pets in the home that tend to make messes on your upholstered furniture, then this can be another good reason for getting your upholstery cleaned regularly. Pets often get excited or frightened by their surroundings and may urinate or defecate anywhere they are not supposed to. When this happens, you’ll want to remove the waste as quickly as possible so that it does not become embedded in your fabric. If you don’t know how to clean pet messes from upholstery, drape liners , mattresses or carpeting, then call an expert for help.

Frequent Smoking

If someone in your home is a heavy smoker, then they may end up leaving behind the smoke they exhale on your upholstery. This can leave unsightly yellow stains that are also difficult to remove. Although you can clean away most of the nicotine residue yourself by using an extraction tool , this will not address the resulting smoke odor . If you want to get rid of both types of damage, be sure to have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned so that it doesn’t attract new smokers or repel potential buyers when you’re ready to sell your house.

Loss of Fabric Density

Another sign that it’s time to get your upholstery professionally cleaned is when you’ve noticed a loss of fabric density. Over time, dirt and soil tend to accumulate on upholstery fibers which can affect your furniture’s texture. This can become noticeable when the fabric has lost its original luster or sheen. If you’ve noticed dull spots on one side of your upholstered piece, this means the other side is even dirtier than it looks. When this happens, you’ll want to call in the professionals to see if they can remove the stains before they spread.

If you’ve Reached Your Cleaning Budget

Another good reason for getting your upholstery cleaned professionally is your budget. If you simply cannot afford to pay for an upholstery cleaning service, then it may be time to consider alternatives. While you could attempt to clean your upholstered furniture on your own utilizing DIY methods, this will often result in damage or permanent staining that necessitates replacement instead of clean-up. Upholstery cleaners are typically less expensive than buying new furniture so it’s better to have them take care of stubborn spots and restore its original look rather than throw out perfectly good piece just because it’s dirty.

If any of the above situations applies to you, then remember that you don’t have to live with your upholstery looking its worst just because it might cost too much to get the job done by experts. Since there are so many variables involved in pricing, call several companies and ask for an estimate before deciding which company to hire. By calling multiple companies, you’ll also be able to look out for special deals or seasonal offers that can cut down on your total bill even further.


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