What are the Differences between Variable Speed Signs and Standard Signs?

What are the Differences between Variable Speed Signs and Standard Signs?

Any of the variable message signs or any other speed sign can be divided into three basic categories – guiding, regulatory, and warning. For any of the normal traffic signs without the aid of modern technology, the sign communicates the information by its shape. It however suffers visibility problems in adverse weather conditions like fog or rains and drivers need to remember the shape of the sign to interpret its message. Neglecting to obey these signs on the roads can result in various types of traffic violations and also lead to various kinds of accidents involving damage to property or loss of life.

Types of traffic signs

While the variable message signs are usually just a board containing LED lights that present the message to the driver and pedestrians alike on a variety of traffic, road, and weather situations. Any of the normally used non-technology-enabled speed signs on the road have different shapes and colors to indicate the information they contain. The red stop sign has an octagon shape that means one has to fully stop before moving ahead. The red triangular sign indicates that one has to allow the traffic and pedestrians to pass before easing into the traffic ahead when it is safe. Pros And Cons Of Two Famous Security Solutions

The yellow round and pentagon speed sign tell of potential hazards ahead like bridges or railroad crossings. Diamond-shaped yellow signs with large black letters or symbols warn of possible hazards on the road ahead like slippery roads, falling rocks, migrating animals, and more. The vertical rectangle signs that are usually painted in green with white letters tell about important rules that one needs to follow. All of these signs tell a driver to slow down and control their speed as per the road conditions ahead. And be prepared for these hazards while variable message signs can do a lot more.

Variable speed signs

The variable message signs provide a flexible restriction on the rate of driving for a motorist on any road as per the current environmental and road conditions. The quintessential speed sign cannot offer such advice to the motorist as they cannot be easily changed and have only the optimal speed for the road written. These electronic message boards or signs can also detect and inform the driver of their speed while indicating the maximum speed to help them drive safely. They offer safety and also provide clear guidance to motorists to help them avoid legal problems and accidents while driving.

This lack of specificity to the conventional speed sign may contribute to speeding incidents, accidents, and other sorts of criminal charges. Many motorists assume that the maximum speed advertised by the sign is safe for the road all through the year, but the speed depends a lot on road conditions. A safe speed in one weather will be insane in another. Excessive speed is the single biggest factor for road accidents and results in criminal charges. The use of variable message signs instead can provide the drivers the maximum speed allowed and safe as per the road conditions.

Driving in traffic

Everyone has been stuck in traffic at one point in their lives, while some of us as per the population density of a county, suffer more than others. Driving in traffic is nothing short of pain for any driver and requires a great deal of skill, confidence in your abilities, and immense patience to solve. The conventional speed sign can inform about the roads and areas that suffer more traffic jams to help a driver prepare for the ordeal ahead. While variable message signs can offer alternative routes or at least a basic knowledge of the time you would spend in traffic ahead to make a suitable decision.

Tips to avoid traffic altogether

Driving in traffic is annoying and frustrating and ruins all sorts of plans. But other than notices on variable message signs or any other speed sign, there are a few things that one should do to avoid traffic sites. The car radio and traffic updates from a local station can provide you information on a road with less traffic. One should also plan their route with rush hour traffic in mind and choose the road that is usually less traveled.

Tips for driving in traffic when it is unavoidable

For many of us, it is inevitable to sit in traffic for a while every day when all roads lead to Rome. For instance, my home is point-blank in the middle of a busy market. No amount of variable message signs or any other speed sign can make this road congestion-free unless they banned driving on the road. A little bit of courtesy and respect for the other drivers go a long way to manage such routes as emotions all around are heightened. Allowing a person to change lanes in front of you if they need to exit or allow them into your lane if merging helps traffic move smoothly.

Keep a lookout for aggressive drivers

While one should try to stay calm by listening to music or chatting with someone they like for a while to stay calm while stuck in traffic. One should also keep a sharp lookout for any dangerous road rage incidents and driver behaviors. The variable message signs or any other speed sign again cannot help in this case but only offer emergency numbers. Blocking aggressive drivers can tip them off their limit. And you could be the next victim of a road rage statistic.


The variable message signs or other traditional speed signs can provide various kinds of information to help one choose a suitable driving speed. Technology can help us figure out road conditions and other factors that may affect driving better than conventional technology. Modern drivers need to realize that traffic jams are a part and parcel of urban living. They need to use the different messages and technology now available to help them stay calm even in a traffic jam to find a better, faster, and safer way home.



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