Do Retinol Serums Really Work to Provide Flawless Skin?

Do Retinol Serums Really Work to Provide Flawless Skin?

Retinol, as a skincare ingredient, gets the hype for its promising flawless skin result. But alongside numerous positive customer reviews come with some bad reviews. Thus, many people become daunting to add retinol serum for the face to their skincare routine. If you are one of them, then let us clear your doubts about this face serum. Here we brief down the retinol serum online shopping in pakistan benefits, its side effects, its proper use, and the myths that make you mistrusted the magic of this ingredient.

Before heading toward retinol usage and benefits, let us tell you what it is. Retinoid is a derivative of vitamin A that comes in a varied range of strengths, in which Retinol is the weakest one. Thus, many skincare OTC products have this ingredient to treat acne and remove aging signs. And yes! It can do wonders if you use it correctly as per your skin type and sensitivity.

How does it work:

Retinol stimulates the cells of the epidermis to turnover fast. It helps make skin smooth, radiant, and even-looking. It also boosts natural chemicals such as hyaluronic acid to make the skin look hydrated and plump. The collagen-boosting abilities of this ingredient also promote youthfulness from the inside out.

Benefits of retinol serum:

There are numerous benefits of this magical ingredient. But we mention here five of them that propel people to buy them to have flawless skin.

1. Treat Acne

People who have treatment-resistant acne should use try retinol serum for acne. According to dermatologists, this ingredient in OTC products can amplify the effects of acne treatment medicine. It works by unclogging the facial pore and decreasing oil production in the skin cells. Thus, it results in fewer breakouts and controlled oiliness. Therefore, people, who have inflammatory acne, will find it effective in reducing the appearance of acne. 

2. Fades age spots

Retinol serums for wrinkles and fine lines have created hype among women because it really works on age spots. It provides anti-aging treatment in three ways, i.e., reducing age lines, coping with sun damages, and removing dark spots. When you regularly apply the best retinol serums, it boosts the blood flow to the skin and results in higher collagen production. As collagen increases in the body, the aging slows down naturally. In addition to boosted collagen production, this form of retinoid will also promote skin cells turnover to promote skin rejuvenation. Thus, it will result in smooth, wrinkle-free, clear, and youthful skin naturally.

3. Improve skin texture:

This version of retinoids promotes skin renewal for continuous skin rejuvenation. Skin cells turn over faster to remove the damages continuously. Therefore, the skin becomes healthy-looking, smooth, and even textured.

4. Brighten dull skin:

The frequent turnover of new skin cells helps the cell retain a healthy amount of moisture. It makes the look skin plump and hydrated for a longer time. Therefore, it results in glowing and radiant skin every morning.

5. Promote even skin tone:

It provides some sort of exfoliating effect by stimulating skin renewal. This effect will defy the dullness and dryness of skin while promoting new, even-tone, and supple skin. It also boosts the level of elastin and collagen that helps the skin look fresh-looking

The Right ways to use Retinol:

Bad reviews are only resulted from using retinoid OTC products in the wrong way. Thus, let us tell you the right way to add retinoids to your skincare routine.

  • Always pick the formula with minimum concentration and high potency, such as Ordinary retinol serum.
  • Apply only a pea-sized product on clean and dry skin regularly and use a light moisturizer to prevent dryness and itching.
  • It is preferable to use it at night before bed to enjoy overnight skin nourishment. Remember, do not use it in the morning without following it with the best sunscreen.

Myths about Retinol:

Some myths are revolving everywhere regarding this face serum. Let us tell you the truth about them.

  • Make the skin thin: Some people get the side effect of skin peeling, so they consider that retinoids trigger skin thinning. However, the exact opposite is the truth. It thickens the inner skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin becomes prone to Sun Damage: The vitamin A derivatives break down in the sun, but it does not mean that it makes skin sensitive to sun damages. However, it is less effective and unstable due to sun-rays.
  • Give quick result: No, nothing can work in a couple of days or weeks. It takes time to make skin visibly youthful and flawless. The result will start noticing after four to six weeks.
  • Stronger formula for quick results: Do not ever believe in this myth because it can worsen your skin condition. Always start with the weakest strength formula to let your skin used to it. It will help your skin avoid dryness, skin peeling, or other side effects.
  • Can’t suit sensitive skin: No! people with sensitive skin can also use Vitamin A or Retinoid derivatives. Start cautiously one or two times a week and build skin tolerance with the formula. Once the skin becomes used to it, you will be good to use it as a daily skincare product.

Potential side effects of Retinol

The high-strength and high concentration retinoid medication have many potential side effects, but you can prevent them by using retinol serums with precautions. The most likely side effects are as under:

  • First-time users of retinoids may get skin redness, dryness, and peeling. To avoid these changes, build the skin tolerance to retinoids by using serum once or twice a week. You can gradually increase the frequency as your skin starts used to the formula.
  • Concentrated formula or frequent use may cause scaly patches, dry skin, and itchiness.
  • Some people may also get breakout with retinoid medications, but it is a rare scenario.
  • Worsening of eczema may also rarely occur.

You can avoid the side effects by using it as per your skin condition and skin type. Do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist to find the suitability of your skin to retinol serum.


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