How To Choose ANSI Z87 Prescription Safety Glasses

How To Choose ANSI Z87 Prescription Safety Glasses

The American National Standards Institute publishes the official consensus on eye safety recommendations as the Z87 standard. When you need eye protection for work or other activities that pose safety risks due to impact or exposure to other hazards, you should select eyewear that has the ANSI Z87.1 rating. Find out how to choose the best prescription safety glasses Z87.

The ANSI Z87.1 Eye Protection Standard

ANSI eye protection standards date back to the Z2 standard published in 1922 by the United States War and Navy Departments and the National Bureau of Standards. The Standards Safety Board divided the Z2 project and introduced the Z87 standard for Eye and Face Protection in 1961.

Today, the private nonprofit ANSI publishes updated Z87 standards. ANSI-rated eyewear can provide basic impact protection, protect against high mass and high velocity impact or offer ballistic protection.

Compare ANSI Z87.1 Rated Eyewear

Browse a full selection of ANSI safety glasses to find your favorite style. Use filters to see all of the options for safety eyeglasses and sunglasses, goggles and prescription inserts. 

Choose from the latest styles by trusted safety eyewear brands such as 3M, ArmouRX, On Guard, Tifosi, Uvex and Wiley X. Most safety eyewear brands make unisex, men’s and women’s eyewear in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Check the Fit of Your Favorite Style 

Select a style you like and check to see if size options are available. It is also easy to find measurements for the width of frames, lenses and bridge as well as the height of lenses and length of temples.
Refer to the size of eyewear you currently own that fits your face for guidance. The design of glasses affects the fit, so you may also want to take facial measurements just to be sure.

How To Order Prescription Safety Glasses Z87

When you find a pair of safety glasses you like, scroll down to check the available lens types. Many ANSI Z87-rated styles are compatible with single vision prescription lenses. Some frames can also accommodate bifocal or progressive lenses. 
Select the prescription lens option for your favorite pair of safety glasses and click the “Customize Lens” button. Specify whether you need a single vision, multifocal or reading prescription and select lens surfacing options before providing your prescription measurements.

When To Replace Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are only designed to absorb impact one time. Even if your glasses are not damaged to the point where they cannot be worn, it is advisable to replace safety glasses that have been struck by any flying projectiles.
If you wear prescription safety glasses, you should also replace this eyewear any time your prescription changes. Accurate, clear vision is essential for safety.
Wearing prescription safety glasses Z87 protects your eyes against any hazards for which the frames and lenses are rated. Many ANSI Z87.1-rated styles only provide basic or high mass and velocity impact protection. Carefully check the hazards for which your favorite pair of glasses or goggles are rated to ensure your eyes are protected when you wear safety eyewear.