How to promote and maintain your Facebook business page

Now that your have set up a Facebook business page for your company it is time to expand your following. Before you begin make sure you determine what your goal is. What do you want your fan page to do for your company? A large number of followers is wonderful however, you must determine if you’re content with just exposure or if you’d like followers to convert into customers. Then Must Buy Facebook Likes Malaysia for your page. Are you looking to use you Facebook fan page to assist to sell more goods or services?

The presence of a large number of followers might not immediately increase sales however, it can at the very least boost the credibility of your brand’s image through improved reputation management, customer service, and change of fans to advocates. In time, these strategies can boost sales. The first goal however, is to increase your reach, share pertinent information about your company to potential customers, show that you are an credibility in your area and connect with your customers.

Invite contacts and friends to join the Fan Club

Start by attracting followers. Facebook pages offer an option that lets you to invite people to join your brand new page. Visit Edit Page, click Resources on the left side, and then click”Tell your Fans.

Invite your contacts and friends to join your Facebook fan page.

You can upload a contacts files or look up your email accounts for users who use Facebook. Your contacts file has to be in CSV format and cannot contain more than 5000 entries. You may also search your Web contacts for email addresses. (Note that Facebook does not support Gmail at the moment. However the ability to export Gmail contacts to CSV and upload them to Facebook by uploading the contact file.)

Certain contacts may become fans of your website Some will follow your page, while others may not notice the request. It’s recommended to only send out the request once, otherwise you’re at risk of infuriating new fans. However, you can provide a incentive or reward for being an avid fan, which I’ll go over later.

Other methods to offer users the chance to know more what your Facebook page is about is embedding a link into your email signature, adding details about Facebook to your cards for business, websites and other marketing materials; and putting up a signboard at your workplace.

Include an Facebook “Like’ Box

I would also suggest including I also suggest adding a Facebook “Like” box to your site. This can be done by clicking Edit Page, Resources, and Use Social Plugins and then selecting Like Box. Fill in the required fields, after that click on the Copy Code button. Once you have copied your code, paste it on the company website, your visitors will be able to “Like” your Facebook page directly. Facebook’s “Social Plugins Section under Resources. There are a lot of helpful tools for websites too.

Find a specific niche

Once you have begun to increase your fan base on Facebook it is possible to focus on a certain group of people. This could be the demographic that is most likely to become your followers. Or, you might wish to concentrate on increasing your fan base through other methods. I’ll go into this subject in more detail when I review Facebook insights (see on the following page).

Establish relationships with similar businesses

If you build connections with businesses that are similar to yours through Facebook They may be able to offer useful information and hyperlinks, or even direct customers to your company and assist in promoting it.

For instance, you could link to their pages on your website and they will return the favor by advertising your posts on Facebook. If you have established solid relationships with businesses you would recommend, such as graphic designers who work to your Web development company-you can add the Facebook page of that company on your “favorites” list on your personal page. It is easy to add any other Facebook pages on the list simply by going down to the left-hand side and then selecting the Favorites tab on your page.

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Obtain a Unique Username

After you’ve added the number of fans you have, concentrate on making your Facebook page more interesting for your users. Start by creating an individual username for your page on Facebook to replace the lengthy sequence of numbers which form your page’s ID. (Luckily, Facebook no longer demands that you have more than 25 fans to be able to create an account with a unique username.)

On this page, you can choose your username. Be aware that once you’ve set the name, you’ll be able to alter it once and you cannot transfer it to a different page. Therefore before you begin ensure that you’re signed into Facebook and accessing your page under your company name instead of your personal one. This will stop the mistake of assigning your business’s page’s the name of your private Facebook account. Also, make sure to check Facebook’s guidelines to determine what types of usernames are acceptable. Your first option might already be in use.


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