Things To Consider Before Buying a Commercial Ice Cream Machine

Things To Consider Before Buying a Commercial Ice Cream Machine

Ice cream is the most popular dessert everyone loves. People of every age love to enjoy their favourite ice cream any time of the year. If you are running a restaurant or planning to start a new small or large-sized business, adding ice cream to your menu is the best idea. In restaurants or coffee bars, what could be better than freshly made ice cream? To serve the best to your customers, fresh ice cream is a must-have, and for this purpose, you need to invest in a quality ice cream machine.

To get the best experience, you need to buy the best unit for your business. When you look at the commercial food equipment, a huge variety of sizes and features are found. To choose the right and professional ice cream machine for your ice cream business, this guide will help you. Here are a few factors you need to consider before buying a commercial ice cream machine.

Understand the types of Ice cream Machines

Before buying a unit for your business, you need to understand how many types of ice cream machines are available and which type do you want for your business. In the food market, dozens of frozen treats are available that you can add to your menus, such as gelato, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, or ice cream. Each machine is designed specifically for each product that you want to add to your menu. Considering all these favourite frozen treats, the commercial ice cream machines are divided into:

  • Standard Ice cream machines
  • Frozen yoghurt machine
  • Gelato machine
  • Frozen custard machine
  • Soft serve machine

Know the size of machine you want

The right commercial ice cream machine for your business should be perfect in size according to the size of your kitchen and the production capacity. Most of the machines use additional elements with them that can take up more space. Measure the size of your kitchen and avoid opting for a too heavy and large machine. The frozen custard or soft serve machines take up more space than standard ice cream machines. Know the location where you will put the machine, and then find the right size for your kitchen.

Know about the capacity of the machine

Different ice cream machines come with different numbers of cylinders and hoppers. Each of them has different output and capacities. The right commercial ice cream machine for your business should have the right capacity to recover quickly. There are sometimes when the volume is high with minimal turnaround time. Your ice cream machine should be able to maintain the safe temperature and quality of the product you are selling. You can choose the capacity of the ice cream machine after knowing the demand for your ice cream.

Make sure the machine is easy to operate

Since big restaurants and food services have a large number of staff members. So, the machine you are using in your kitchen should be easy to use. For the smooth delivery of ice cream by any of the staff members, make sure the ice cream machine you are using has easy to use controls. The best ice cream machines have light indicators that ease the work and alert the operators when the mix is out. Moreover, your ice cream machine should be easy to maintain so you can get long term and optimal operation.

Know which flavour you want to make

Considering the number of flavours your business wants to sell is another point of consideration. You would probably want to sell multiple flavours as the variety of flavours on your menu is always welcoming. Therefore, it is to make sure that you choose the right machine with the ability to make several flavours at the same time. No one wants to waste the time and cooling space on the flavour that no one likes.

Consider your budget

Budget is the last but not the least point to consider. Well, it is probably the important point. Most of the high-end commercial ice cream machines are expensive to afford and cost you additional money. So, after considering all the points, such as size, capacity, and flavours vary, make sure to calculate your budget and find the best machine possible in this range.


Starting an ice cream business is one of the best ideas you can get if you are interested in starting your business. However, no food product can be made without the perfect and right equipment. If you opt for the right and trusted equipment, you will get the best product as per your expectation. Therefore, don’t waste your money and time on a machine that cannot fulfil your requirements and keep all the above points into consideration to get the best.


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