OOPs MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), OOPs MCQ Quiz & Online Test 2022

OOPs MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), OOPs MCQ Quiz & Online Test 2022

OOPs MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) or OOPs MCQ Quiz and Online Test like Who developed object-oriented programming, which of the following is not an OOPS concept and more. Also Read:- Hibernate MCQ Quiz

OOPs MCQ stand for Object Oriented Programming which is Multiple Choice Questions. How to solve C++ Programming OOPS Concepts problems?. These OOPs MCQ Test contains popular MCQ, asked in various OOPs Interviews. So kindly choose the right one from the given option to check your knowledge over the preparation.

Find below OOPs MCQ to test your basic knowledge of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming). Sharing latest OOPs MCQ Quiz that are designed by the professionals to crack interviews who are preparing for it.

OOPs MCQ Test Online Questions

Which feature of OOPS derives the class from another class
a) Inheritance
b) Data hiding
c) Encapsulation
d) Polymorphism

  1. a) Inheritance

A single program of OOPS contains _ classes?
a) Only 1
b) Only 999
c) Only 100
d) Any number

  1. d) Any number

Who developed object-oriented programming?
a) Adele Goldberg
b) Dennis Ritchie
c) Alan Kay
d) Andrea Ferro

  1. c) Alan Kay

Which of the following is not an OOPS concept
a) Encapsulation
b) Polymorphism
c) Exception
d) Abstraction

  1. c) Exception

In oops public, private & protected are
a) Classes
b) Access Modifiers
c) Interfaces
d) Method signature

  1. b) Access Modifiers

Which of the following is not a type of constructor
a) Default constructor
b) Friend constructor
c) Copy constructor
d) Parameterized constructor

  1. b) Friend constructor

Can we overload constructor in derived class?
a) Yes
b) No

  1. b) No

—-keyword is used to inherit a class or abstract
a) implement
b) extends
c) super
d) None of the above

  1. b) extends

Is Constructor can return a value
a) Yes
b) No

  1. b) No

What is it called where child object gets killed if parent object is killed
a) Aggregation
b) Composition
c) Encapsulation
d) Association

  1. b) Composition


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