Pros and Cons of Two Famous Security Solutions – Fingerprint vs. Face Recognition

Pros and Cons of Two Famous Security Solutions – Fingerprint vs. Face Recognition

We live in an age of technology that keeps progressing at light speed ahead every day. Most organizations use either fingerprint identification or face recognition security solutions to keep their systems intact. The fingerprint method has steadily provided perfect security to the world for over half a decade now.

But it does not stop potential hacker attacks that are on the rise lately. Face recognition technology provides a better way to provide safety to any installations. The latest facial recognition with a fingerprint is an even better option to keep secrets intact.

Pros of Face Recognition

Once the world welcomes face recognition security solutions, the fingerprint identification method will lose all relevance. It is a natural and non-obstructive way to provide access to any individual to a facility. Much more straightforward and convenient for any business that makes it effortless for anyone to access.

It offers better security as only your face can unlock the device or the door while requiring no action from the user. It is best for customers who have some kind of disability. This technology also enhances a company’s database with proper tagging of the photos on cloud storage.

Cons of Face Recognition

Even though face recognition security solutions seem like the ideal technology, they have several flaws at present. The biggest drawback is the employees’ perception that they are under constant monitoring and analysis. Countries with limited personal freedom may also use this technology to spy on their citizens.

Many individuals think it is also a threat to their privacy, while fingerprint identification presents no such challenges. Face recognition technology is also in its infancy and may be affected by various factors to identify a person correctly.

Pros of Fingerprint Technology

The fingerprint identification method has been around now for many years globally. But just like face recognition security solutions, it has its ups and downs. The fingerprint is, to this day, the most accurate way to confirm a person’s identity. It is also an affordable method by any small business, even in rising economies like India.

They are simple to use and enforce and can authenticate and access a variety of electronics, from home-based systems to state-level security systems. It is the most secure way to establish a human as the fingerprint pattern is tough to recreate artificially.

Cons of Fingerprint Technology

The biggest problem that the fingerprint identification method suffers is hygiene. Constant use of this technology where every person has to touch the same scanner every time has a major risk of spreading unwanted bacteria. The pandemic that the world is suffering at present requires social distancing, which this technology cannot provide but face recognition security solutions can.

If the finger is wet, calloused, dirty, or covered with a glove, the technology does not work. Seasonal variation of skin peeling also presents challenges to this technology to work correctly. Many times the scanner width is too small for a finger that makes it difficult to scan accurately.


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