Top 10 Lip Balm Types That You Should Consider to Buy for Your Makeup

Top 10 Lip Balm Types That You Should Consider to Buy for Your Makeup

As the weather becomes colder, your lips might get chapped and dry. It is important to take care of them, so you don’t end up with a sore, bleeding lip. If you’re wondering what lip balm flavor to buy next, we have ten for you! We will be going over the top 10 flavors that women should consider purchasing for their makeup bag at home or while they are on the go. 

The Lip Smacker Lip Balm in Strawberry Shortcake:

This classic flavor smells like fresh strawberries and has a sweet taste that leaves your mouth watering; it’s perfect for those who love fruity scents. You can find this product at any drug store near the checkout counters or online if you want to purchase it. It’s affordable and very effective on the lips. You can read the flavor information on custom printed lip balm boxes.

EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet:

As one of the best sellers, this lip balm has a nice light feeling when you put it on your lips, making them feel refreshed with its organic ingredients like organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

The strawberry scent is not too overpowering and leaves your mouth smelling good in addition to its moisturizing benefits. You can find this product at any drug store near the checkout counters or online if you want to purchase it. It’s affordable and very effective on the lips.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in Blackberry:

If you’re looking for a lip balm with a delicious scent, you’ll love this product. It has natural ingredients like sunflower oil and beeswax to keep the lips moisturized all day long. You can get it at any drug store or supermarket near the checkout counters for around $3.

Jack Black Lip Balm in Green Tea:

This lip balm is 100% vegan since it doesn’t contain any animal products or byproducts, including paraben, phthalate, petrolatum, sulfates, etc. Some of its ingredients include aloe vera leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, avocado butter, and green tea extract, which are great for your skin. It goes on smooth, so your lips won’t feel dry after each use. You can buy it online or at a beauty store near you for $6-$12.

Blistex Lip Balm:

It has been around since 1955 and is used by millions of people from various parts of the world. It has been shown to reduce the pain, redness, and itchiness associated with chapped lips. Blistex comes in many products, including medicated, lip balm, etc. There are also several flavors to choose from, such as Cool Mint, which helps to give your breath a fresh scent.

A special edition called “Ice” is available during winter periods when dry air tends to make lips even more irritated. You can get Blistex products anywhere that are sold for about $2 each.

Soft lips Lip Balm:

They are made with 100% natural ingredients and are completely safe to be used by anyone. It also contains SPF 15 sunscreen that protects lips from the harmful effects of UV radiation, which can cause cancer in future years.

Soft lips come in many flavors, such as vanilla and cherry blossom, but the most popular flavor is peppermint due to its ability to cool irritated lips almost instantly. They sell for $2-$3 each, and you can get them at any store near you.

EOS Lip Balm:

It’s manufactured by Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Boxes, and it stands for “evolution of smooth.” The lip balm itself doesn’t match its name because it’s actually pretty chunky and feels very stiff, which makes it difficult to apply.

They are one of the few companies that create lip balm in well-known flavors such as vanilla, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, and many others. However, regardless of its flavor or smell, don’t expect the lip balm to smell good since they literally taste horrible! They come with a price tag of $3-$4 each.

Chap Stick Total Hydration: 

It was launched around January 2013 by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare which is an American pharmaceutical company well known for producing over-the-counter drugs for various medical problems. Therefore, one might think that the product won’t be effective for treating chapped lips. However, the lip balm does its job very well at moisturizing your lips, leaving no dry, flaky patches behind! The best part is its price which only costs around $2.

Nivea A Kiss of Moisture: 

When choosing a lip balm, first think about whether the balm leaves your lips greasy or shiny. If it doesn’t, then that is a good one to buy. You should also think about whether the product has SPF because that will protect your skin from cancer. This lip balm fulfills all three criteria pretty well! It comes with SPF 15 to keep you protected from sunbeams.

Also, one tube costs just $2, which is low as compared to the quantity and quality it provides!

Carmex Milky Way:

Creamy and white in color, this is not what you’d expect. It offers both moisture to your lips and flavor. If you are looking for a moisturizing lip balm that does more than just take away the dryness of your lips, then try this one out.

It will not only hydrate your lips but also prevents dryness by forming a protective layer over them to stop further damage. This is available at CVS Pharmacy stores online. It contains SPF 25, which protects your lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Final Thoughts:

So, these are some of the lip balms that I have tried out personally or know someone who uses them because they are just amazing! Do let me know which one is YOUR favorite? Do read the product information on custom retail boxes. Or, if you’re already using any other lip balm, do share with us because it’s always nice to hear about products other than the usual ones we all use! So, until next time, take care and stay beautiful!

Lastly, here comes my secret for chapped lips- Vaseline Lip Therapy (Lip Balm)!! I simply love this product because not only does it moisturize my lips without making them oily, but it can also be used for my dry elbows and hands. A must-have item in every woman’s beauty bag! Thanks for reading!


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